Date Topic Speaker
27th May (a) Interpretation / legal


(b)Practice / Risk Management

Mattie Feely

Law Society Senior Accountant Seamus McGrath

24th June Costs in the New Regime

Investment & Estate Planning

John Sludds/ Behans

Investec – Pat Webb

Garda Station / Advocacy (Lead Speaker & Panel Discussion)

(a) Medical Neg.

(b)Statute of Limitations

Co’s Act – Practical implications

Darach McC & Panel (Philip English, Peter O’Reilly & John Spencer)

Michael Boyle (Cullens)

Barrister (Michael McGrath or Pat Treacy)

(1)Mortgage Crisis through the eyes of FLAC;  (2)RAPE CRISIS update) FLAC DG Noeline Blackwell Solr.
Assisted Decision-Making (Possibly a half-day seminar) Patricia Rickard Clarke
Neo-Natal Deaths Professor Brendan Murphy Cork