History of the Association

TSBA Crest



Tipperary Solicitors Association is over a 100 Years


Over 100 years ago the Tipperary Solicitors’ Bar Association was founded in North Tipperary in Roscrea on the 15th November 1909.


According to the Association’s investigations to date, the TSBA is one of the oldest Bar Association in Ireland.  It is also the only rural Bar Association anywhere in the world to be invited to be a Member of the International Bar Association on its own merits. 


The Association has survived two World Wars, Depression, Recession and indeed “The Good Times”.


In more recent years the TSBA has influenced Legislation by addressing Steering Committees of Dail Eireann and lobbying and making submissions on amendments to Legislation, which affect the rights of the ordinary citizens of Ireland.  More recently it was involved in a Review of Court services in the County and was instrumental in ensuring that there were no further closures of necessary Court facilities.


A further success story for the Association has been the “building programme” undertaken to modernise Courthouses in Tipperary, resulting in the refurbishment and renovation of Courthouses to the highest standards in Clonmel, Nenagh and Thurles to allow modern day facilities to be available for its Members and the public.  Tipperary is unique in having so many upgraded and modern Courthouses and this achievement was not realised without dedication and support, including financial support, from the Solicitors of Tipperary.  In the past the Tipperary solicitors had to undertake litigation, on behalf of the people of Tipperary, to save the Courthouses in Clonmel and Nenagh which were threatened with closure due to long standing neglect and disrepair.


The TSBA have gathered artefacts from the past including dress in 1909 for the Legal Profession, Legal Documents, Books, old fashioned quills and pens and newer technology comprising of ancient typewriters!  A photographic exhibition displayed events from the past and records of the Association.  A competition for the most interesting signature using a quill was held and enthusiastically supported.  Life was indeed very different for Solicitors 100 years ago and a short sketch was performed for the Celebration transporting Members and their Guests back 100 years to life in 1909.


A new Chain of Office was inaugurated to mark the Centenary Celebrations.


The Chain of Office comprises of the original Crest for the County of Tipperary, which dates back to 1665 and which was not used after 1838 when the County was divided between North Tipperary and South Tipperary and separate crests were created for both areas.


The original crest was adapted by the Association to include the insertion of the traditional Irish harp on the top of the crest and a figure denoting Justice at the bottom of the crest, resulting in a Legal Insignia.  The Association also selected traditional Celtic script for the Crest.