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Expert Witnesses could face Civil Action

February 03, 2017  |   New Developments,News & Blogs   |     |   0 Comment

  Expert witnesses who give questionable evidence in Court could end up being sued for compensation under the recommendations that are before the Law Reform Commission. The proposals are to abolish the traditional assumption of immunity for expert witnesses.  The Commission is considering that where the witness acts with gross negligence in its reports or evidence, they should be personally liable for any civil claims that arise as a result of such negligence.

Updates for Conveyancing Law Practitioners

March 18, 2016  |   New Developments,News & Blogs   |     |   0 Comment

  “Opting out” of full Building Control: Thank you to those who replied to my request for any examples of financial institutions looking unfavourably on houses being “opted out” of full building control. No one who replied had any examples of this happening, so the media outlet that reported this as a story would seem to be incorrect. However, if any member does come across “opted out” houses being treated as less desirable by financial institutions, I ...

Drugs in your local District Court

February 22, 2016  |   New Developments   |     |   0 Comment

While we all know it is an offence to be in possession of unlawful drugs, many people do not know how drugs offences are dealt with in the District Court. To begin with the District Court is your local court. It deals with minor or “summary” offences and most cases are dealt with on the basis of a guilty plea and in a matter of minutes. The majority of offences are dealt with by way of ...

Can your Boss keep an eye on your Internet use?

February 22, 2016  |   New Developments   |     |   0 Comment

On the 12th January 2016 in the case of Bărbulescu –v- Romania, the European Court of Human Rights “ECHR”) ruled that an employer in Romania did not breach the privacy rights of its employee when it monitored personal chats on a Yahoo Messenger account which he was required to use for work purposes. In this case Mr. Barbulescu was an engineer who used his work Yahoo Messenger account to send and receive personal messages. This was ...

Fathers out of the waiting room – Family Law Act

February 10, 2016  |   New Developments   |     |   0 Comment

A long wait ended After a long wait, the 2015 Children and Family Relationships Act has come into operation. The Act is undoubtedly among the most significant changes in family legislation in Irish history and it is hoped that Ireland’s family law will now better reflect the realities of modern family life. The Minister for Justice and Equality, Frances Fitzgerald TD, signed an order to commence key provisions of the Act on guardianship, custody and access earlier this month ...

One Year Bankruptcy is Here

February 10, 2016  |   New Developments   |     |   0 Comment

ONE YEAR BANKRUPTCY IS HERE One year bankruptcy is now a reality in Ireland after the Bankruptcy (Amendment) Act 2015 was brought into law just before the Dáil broke up for the election. The commencement order by Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald reduces the normal duration of bankruptcy from three years to one and creates a realistic option for people struggling with insurmountable debt to finally be rid of  the phone call, letters and stress. Under the new ...

Conveyancing: The Early Bird Catches the Worm!

June 21, 2013  |   New Developments   |     |   0 Comment

With the limited finance available, those with the ability to buy are rare. If you are a seller you should make sure that you are able to attract buyers and secure a successful sale. We are finding that we are running into problems when buying or selling properties that could be prevented by a little bit of forward planning. It is absolutely ...