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Expert Witnesses could face Civil Action

February 03, 2017  |   New Developments,News & Blogs   |     |   0 Comment

  Expert witnesses who give questionable evidence in Court could end up being sued for compensation under the recommendations that are before the Law Reform Commission. The proposals are to abolish the traditional assumption of immunity for expert witnesses.  The Commission is considering that where the witness acts with gross negligence in its reports or evidence, they should be personally liable for any civil claims that arise as a result of such negligence.

Has the Accused any right to challenge the DDP’s Decision to Prosecute?

March 23, 2016  |   News & Blogs   |     |   0 Comment

A somewhat unusual set of circumstances arose recently, which led me to ponder, what right an Accused has, to question the decision making of the DPP. In short, a 20 year old male was arrested for the investigation of an allegation of criminal damage. Whilst detained in the Garda Station, he managed, during the course of a cigarette break, to escape and was eventually apprehended, 2 days later. Arising out of the above, he received four charges, ...

Updates for Conveyancing Law Practitioners

March 18, 2016  |   New Developments,News & Blogs   |     |   0 Comment

  “Opting out” of full Building Control: Thank you to those who replied to my request for any examples of financial institutions looking unfavourably on houses being “opted out” of full building control. No one who replied had any examples of this happening, so the media outlet that reported this as a story would seem to be incorrect. However, if any member does come across “opted out” houses being treated as less desirable by financial institutions, I ...